IBTM Americas

Client: IBTM
Venue: Mexico,
Date: August 2019

Three surprising stages, volumetric, multiple LED screens, robotic lighting and various spaces for business, networking and training, among other elements, were the perfect space to boost the events industry at IBTM Americas 2019.

It is a fact that the great excellence, quality of the events and montages produced by Encore are a hallmark that achieves admiration and contributes to the success of any event. IBTM Americas 2019 witnessed this and the more than 4,000 visitors and 748 buyers from all over the Americas who participated in it.

For this event, the creation of various business, networking and training areas, open spaces, rooms without screens and highly attractive ENCORE stages were included. One of our visitors’ favorite spaces was the ENCORE Stage, a space that simulated the assembly of a concert-type stage; In which light and very aesthetic truss structures were used, which supported a central LED full HD screen of 12m x 4m and two screens on the sides of 6m x 3m, also full HD LED.

The IBTM Americas Stage was a space that stood out for its extraordinary 13m x 4m full HD LED screen, which was placed at a height of no more than one meter on the stage, added with 3 small screens on each side and a digital podium and robotic lighting.And finally, our third stage, the INSPIRATION Stage, was a space that had a slightly simpler design, but very welcoming, since it was a square-mounted stage and had 3 4: 3 screens in the 20k lumens projectors (front projection) were used. The central screen simulated a printed back with movement and the side screens were used to present the content of the speakers.

IBTM Americas reaffirms our commitment to the events industry as a meeting point for great experts in search of inspiration for future projects and we are proud to be part of it. Our team of creatives, designers and experts guarantee the success of each event, with the highest quality standards and signed with the characteristic seal and vision of each client that puts their trust in our hands.