WMF Beyond Meetings

Venue: WMF Beyond Meetings, Los Cabos, México
Date: May 2024

A hybrid event as impresive and successful as in person. This is how the WMF Beyond Meetings, and event of 3 tons of audiovisual equipment for 4,614 business appointments with the purpose of streghten connections in the tourism industry meeting after the new challenges that the COVID-19 brought.

“WMF Beyond Meetings” by World of Meeting S.A. de C.V. was an hybrid event perfomed at “Paradisus Los Cabos” hotel. At the event, the creativity of the production and the experience of the technical team working under conceptualization and pre-production of creative services Mexico made that this first hybrid event had success, mixing the interaction of Digital Services with webcasting.

Some techniques such as mapping on side screens in the living rooms, transforming them into main screens, hanging lighting ítems, speakers and video projection, were strategically placed creating visually harmonious spaces; were some of the strategies implemented to optimize spaces and maximize resources, ensuring the well being of each member, complying the necessary safety and social distancing regulations.

Sessions, forums, business appoinments and social events were an essential part of the event where 275 virtual and personal assistants, 10 face to face exhibitors and 7 virtually connnected, 6 internation associations, 400 marvelins and 26 local artists gathered together to express their love and support for the events industry in which according to customers words, it was posible to give the message that Mexico and the events industry are ready to make the most incredible events come true.