Smart City Latam 2019

Client: Smart City LATAM
Venue: México,
Date: July 2019

Smart City Expo LATAM Congress, is an event that gathers over than 12,000 visitors, coming from more than 400 cities, in search of answers and solutions, capable to improve quality of life and the Latin America’s near future. There are 12,000 Square meters, full of creativity, technology and design, in pro of transformation.

The European subsidiary FIRA Barcelona Mexico, held one of the overseas editions of the Smart City Expo LATAM congress at the Puebla de los Ángeles Expositor Center, from the 2nd to the 4th of July, this is the second consecutive year that ENCORE/PSAV has been able to collaborate for this macro event, the meeting point and debate between the main actors of change, innovation, and collaboration of Latin American cities.”

With the creation of 1 plenary room, 3 semi-plenary rooms, 4 workshop rooms, 1 speaker room and 1 Agora room, silent conferences were held that offer an optimal environment for dialogue and communication. Likewise, there were 1000 receivers with infrared technology and 16 audio channels in which each visitor could select the audio of the room where their experience could be complemented…”_*

12,000 visitors from more than 400 national and international cities, more than 130 conferences, more than 60 media partners, 3 months of technical dedication and around 1 year of planning, lead to the success of this project, opening a range of possibilities within the events industry in which the experience of the technical team and the support staff working in sync, resulted in the ideal space for debate, reflection and dialogue in favor of transformation.

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