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We are experts in analysis, design and implementation, in special installation processes such as audio, lightning, automation and security.

With over 10 years of experience and a technician, architects and engineers team we have developed more than 300 projects in Mexico and the Caribbean in hospitality, corporative, commercial, education, government and entertainment areas. Effectively solving our clients’ needs.

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Encore has participated in the elaboration of more than 150 hotel projects with audiovisual systems, lighting control, automation digital signage, data network, stage lighting, videoconference systems, LED’s screens, videowalls, speaker systems in common areas, bars, restaurants, lounges, outdoor areas, theaters, nightclubs and auditoriums. Through our business division “Rental In House” we live the hotel and our expertise which allows us to develop and accomplish the best integral solutions.


We have design and enforced more than 100 projects with audiovisual systems, videoconference, lighting control, weather control, data network, videowalls and stage lighting, as well as parlamentary systems in boardrooms, meeting rooms, auditoriums, classrooms, public areas, multi-task rooms, training rooms, assambly areas and lobbies.


We have design and enforced more than 50 projects within the sector. Restaurants, amusement parks, retail stores and convention centers with audio, video, digital signage, lighting control, LED screens and videowalls distribution systems.


The compound of technological systems for different classrooms and dynamics in teaching, today will become essential to meet the demand for enrollment, careers and especially to adapt to the lifestyle of students. Encore specializes in the enforcement of AV systems, videoconference, hybrid, collaborative, custom and in general a wide range of solutions to simplify face to face or online teaching.


At Encore we understand the significance and importance of a session in the Plenary Chambers, parliamentary, oral trial sessions, or with voting mechanisms. We enforced continuous operations systems redundant, highly secure, and that in general can be considered essential for the different government interests and for transparency.


Encore offers with its extensive experience in Theaters, Cinemas, Parks and spaces with an important number of attendees, the correct and satisfactory enforcement of lighting systems, acoustic treatments, automation, video projection, evacuation, microphone, audio and general video.

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