Presentation Management

Content1 is Encore’s presentation management system for collecting and distributing presentation files to meeting spaces at events.

Content1 makes it easy to manage your event’s presentation content. Presenters can upload their presentations from their home or office pre-event, then check into our Speaker Ready Room on-site for final revisions, uploads and review.

Presentations are automatically transferred to the meeting rooms and delivered from a single, customized computer, ensuring the final revision is presented without delays during the meeting 

Content1 – Core Features: 


      • Automated Presentation Delivery  
      • Accessible from any location with internet  
      • Walk-in/out Slide Manager  
      • File check – to ensure all assets are uploaded  
      • Reliable and fast storage pre-event and onsite  
      • Speaker Timer  
      • CSS Animation  
      • Remote Monitoring  
      • Login and security options 

Optional Added Features 


Mac Compatibility for Keynote  

Allow speakers to choose the Mac operating system, and seamlessly display their Keynote presentation files.  


Disclosure Management  

Use Content1 to gather mandatory disclosure forms from speakers, and automatically display the agreement to the audience before each presentation.  



Allow presenters to upload handouts, in a variety of formats, separate from their presentation files. Seamlessly share Handouts to Encore’s (or others) mobile app for direct attendee access.  

Help Button  

Speakers and moderators receive on-site support from Encore technicians by simply pushing the “Help” button. 

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