Stage and Production Design


It can start with an idea sketched out on paper. An atmosphere you want to create, a big reveal, an experiential challenge, a lighting design, a layout arrangement. Whatever you want to achieve, using the latest CAD and 3D technologies, we can design and visualise your event so that you can see it –experience it – before it happens. 

We provide you with all you need to ensure all stakeholders share the same vision; working with you throughout the creative process, we use 3D images and walk-throughs to show you how your event could look at your chosen venue, from alternative designs, colours and seating arrangements to visualizing the execution of an experiential creative concept. 



As one of the world’s largest technical event equipment suppliers, we have huge state-of-the-art range available, from lighting, sound and video to staging, power, rigging and drapes. 

Whether you have a social event, need to equip multiple venues, require custom drapes or you’re seeking a trusted partner to supply technology for a concert or show, we can help. With a vast array of equipment available – including the latest technology from leading manufacturers we’re well-equipped to meet your requirements.

Presentation Stages

Presentation Stages are our in-person studios where you can record or broadcast a professional presentation in a clean, safe setting.  

We include all of the professional equipment (and staff) to deliver a high-impact presentation with lighting, stage equipment, and much more – all while keeping your presenters and our crew members safe. 

Great for: Virtual and Hybrid Events, or any presentation that will be broadcasted live or pre-recorded and hosted later. 

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Projection Mapping

Projection mapping is an exciting projection technique that uses specialized software and other technologies to warp and blend projected images so they fit perfectly on irregularly shaped “screens” such as buildings, interior spaces, objects and natural landscapes, and ice rinks.

There’s no denying the cool factor of projection mapping.  Being able to project onto any surface creates endless applications.. Projection mapping can also be both static and dynamic. We love it for its ability to transform a space. Keep in mind that projection is going to be most effective in a dark space. 

Great for: Transforming the outside of a venue space for an evening social event, experiential activations where you need to transport your audience somewhere real or imagined, and captivating a large audience with 3D-like moving content.  

Technical Theatre Support

Many of our knowledgeable staff started their careers in the theatre and this expertise, combined with a genuine enthusiasm for live performance, means we share a fundamental understanding of the diverse technical needs of a theatrical production. 

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