LED Walls

LED Walls display rich, beautiful content. They grab people’s attention and are perfect for high-traffic areas. We love using LED panels to frame out entrances, span the stage at a large keynote, attract attendees to the exhibit floor, and bring products to life at experiential events and brand activations.

Another nice thing about LED walls is that they don’t require much space for their processing equipment. That’s a nice bonus when you’re trying to maximize the number of attendees in your space.

Each wall is made up of seamless square panels, making them scalable and adaptable for a variety of settings and event types. Panels can create flat walls and even curved ones (both convex and concave).

Bear in mind that an LED wall looks best when the content is at the right resolution. If you don’t have the team or tools to create content, that’s something we can help you with as well.

Great for: Grabbing attention in high traffic areas, immersive experiences, plenary sessions, exhibit booths, special events

Modular Set

If you’re looking for a background that looks more professional than pipe and drape, but won’t cost as much as a custom hard set, consider a modular set.

We have a range of scalable scenic solutions including Backdrop Pro that looks like a professionally designed stage set, but at a fraction of the cost. Its modular design makes it perfect for both small and large meeting spaces. The panels can be customized with print graphics as well as colorful up-lighting and projected textures. Have multiple presenters with different messages or branding? Use the same panel configuration, but switch up your lighting and projection.

Modular sets are easy for our team to set up. If you have a lot of sessions to schedule or find yourself across multiple meeting sites, we can duplicate your stage configuration wherever it’s needed.

Use it for: Small and large meeting spaces will both work with this scalable solution. Accent it with lighting and projection for additional enhancements as well.

Scenic Tiles/Panels

Scenic tiles and panels are a simple and cost-effective way to transform the event experience, from ordinary to ornate. These unique tiles deliver stunning lighting effects using decorative, interlocking panels in a range of beautiful designs.

Whether using a large number of panels for panoramic elements and backdrops, or smaller numbers for entrance features, room dividers or exhibition stands, these hanging panels deliver a beautiful visual effect.

When used with theatrical and accent lighting, the patterns come alive and add a distinctive textural effect. White in colour, they provide the perfect surface for projection in our stunning line of on-trend designs.

Perfect for: Creating striking structural elements for stage backdrops, entrance features, room dividers, exhibits or retail design.

Specialty Furniture

Our wide variety of furniture options will add depth and enhance the look-and-feel of your event. Comfortable seating, a custom stage, or a unique room feature can influence the amount of time spent in your space and help create lasting memories.

Huddle Room

With a Huddle Room, you can create a private space for your team anytime, anywhere. Huddle Room’s scalable panels are perfect for use in atriums, foyers, ballrooms and other wide spaces that require a space for privacy.

Should you need them, lighting and furniture options are available to you. We also offer video and private networking capabilities.

Perfect for: impromptu meetings, dressing rooms, VIP lounges, hosted-buyer spaces or private spaces on the exhibit floor.

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