Global Leadership

Out leadership team of seasoned hospitality-focuses experts define industry standards around the world.

Neal Tritton

Managing Director

Neal Tritton was appointed Encore Mexico’s Managing Director in February 2020. His extensive experience and ability as a leader in various sectors played a key role into his appointment as the ideal executive to lead the company on the right path even in the most unstable moments like the COVID-19 crisis.

Neal has more than 20 years of experience in the media sector.  Worked for Editorial Televisa holding various positions including General Manager of Peru, Neal also served as Principal of Kandeo and prior to joining PSAV served as CEO of Robb Report magazine for Mexico.  

Neal has a Bachelor´s degree in international relations from the Universidad Iberoamericana and his MBA, from a joint program between the UCLA Anderson School of Management and the Adolfo Ibáñez Santiago de Chile Business School.  

As a leader motivated by the strength that all the members of the company demonstrate on a daily basis;  Neal praises the name of encore as a strategic guide in Mexico with great vision for expansion in Latin America.  ENCORE events that transform. 

Martha Duarte

Finance Direction PSAV

Honesty and respect are two values ​​that distinguish Martha Duarte’s excellent work, and precisely these values ​​are what have allowed her to conduct herself as a leader who inspires others by drawing a trust gap that leads our company to success.

She is a professional in finance and administration with over 25 years of experience in various industries such as the transportation and logistics services industry, cosmetics, retail, energy, gaming, and international non-profit organizations. Her extensive financial experience includes corporate transactions (start-ups, acquisitions, mergers and JVs), financial reporting, financial analysis, budget control, treasury, taxes, internal control, forensic accounting and due diligence.

As a Public Accountant, her capacities and technical skills have allowed her to provide stability in the performance and growth of the organization, however she has also played a role beyond the purely financial one, acting as a key contact and local support for areas such as operations, legal, internal and external audit, compliance, purchasing and human resources, which has allowed her to become an experienced “business partner”.

Martha Duarte, she’s a leader committed to the service and support of the internal areas, optimizing talent to create high-performance teams and become an effective ally to create efficient and fast-implementation solutions to strategic priorities that maximize and control cycles and business results.

Rodrigo Losada

Director of Specialty Services

With extensive experience in the production of events around the world for important brands such as: AWS, Johnson & Johnson, LÓreal, Motorola, JAFRA, Rodrigo Lozada has collaborated with the company with his innovative vision as a leader of the creative team.

His passion for sound is what motivated his foray into the events industry in 1994, starting his career as a DJ and later becoming a Sound Engineer for live events and studio recording. Over time, he spread his passion for lighting, video, set design and production in general, establishing his own event production and equipment rental company in Colombia. In 2012 he decided to sell his company and move to Orlando FL, returning to college to study Show Production at Full Sail University graduating as the Valeditorian of his class. It was in 2014 that he joined the PSAV family in Orlando as a producer and a year later he arrived in Mexico to develop the creative department, achieving the position of the direction of the Creative Team and the Scenography Workshop.

Rodrigo Losada is a leader committed to excellence and distinction that is perceived beyond the screen, inspiring and captivating with creativity, transforming each event into a unique experience. Encore, events that transform!

Salvador Salazar

Director of Direct Customer Sales

With great responsibility, commitment and pride to be part of the great Encore family, Salvador Salazar leads the Sales team of the Direct Clients and Meeting Planners segment with high service orientation.

He joined PSAV in 1999 holding the position of Sales Manager in CDMX and in various operations, serving accounts such as Maritz, ITA, HPE, Motorola, L’OREAL, Jack Morton, Phillip Morris, among others; Likewise, he has led various PSAV events in Latin America.

Graduated in Administration from the Intercontinental University with a Postgraduate Degree in Sales from the Tecnológico de Monterrey, he served as Tour Manager in Massive and Artistic events in Mexico and the US.

Salvador Salazar, a leader committed to helping different organizations and companies transmit their philosophy, achieve their goals and create memorable experiences for each customer. Encore Events that transform!

Cecilia Blancarte

Field Sales Director

With extensive experience within the hotel industry and with the support of 10 years as Sales Manager in the main hotel chains, Cecilia Blancarte leads the Sales team of the Hotels and Venues segment, providing great support to Sales Managers innovating with the development of tools, products and services based on the detection of commercial needs in the industry.

Thanks to her creative vision and great capacity for analysis, she managed to re-imagine the experience of customers in relation to the company’s products and services, offering a new and fresh perspective that contributes to the success of our company.

Cecilia Blancarte, a leader committed to the world-class value and excellence that Encore provides to all of its customers and business partners. Encore, events that transform!

Ulises Hernandez

Director Integrated Solutions

Ulises Hernández is responsible for fixed installation audiovisual projects in the commercial, corporate and hotel sectors. The perspective and perfection applied to each of the projects he leads, have position the company in Latin America in the area of ​​integrations.

He is a communications and electronics engineer graduated from the Escuela Superior de Ingeniería Mecánica y Eléctrica del IPN, he also has a master’s degree in business administration from the Escuela Superior de Comercio y Administración del IPN. With a professional career in the systems integration sector of more than 15 years, he has served as Installer, technical support and engineering, collaborating on a large number of projects in the residential, corporate and hotel sectors. He joined the Encore family in 2015, as Engineering Manager of the Integration area and later in 2018 he took on the responsibility of integration management.

Ulises Hernández, a leader committed to the quality in the execution of each project, taking full advantage of the benefits that technology offers us, providing functionality and style to each space. ENCORE events that transform.

Fernando Massini

VP National Operations

Fernando Massini offers a quality standard to all business partners as Vice President of Operations in Mexico. Connecting and inspiring people have been the guidelines that have distinguished its work, promoting the development of work teams and promoting the growth of each one through honest and professional relationships with the customers.

As a communications graduate from Universidad Del Norte Santo Tomas de Aquino, he initially worked in different media, as a journalist, announcer and host of TV programs. After his arrival in Mexico from Argentina, he joined the PSAV family in 2005, performing various operational and executive functions, and later in 2010 he was appointed City Director in Mexico City. Later, he served as Regional Director and in 2016 he entered as Operations Director thanks to the great value and professionalism he brought to our company.

Fernando Massini, leader committed to quality and support brought to each customer thanks to the excellent direction and capacity of the team of technicians who bring you an unbeatable event experience. Encore, events that transform!

Monica Mendez

HR director

Motivated by the great potential and commitment that each member of the company has, Mónica Méndez directs and provides support to the most important resource in our organization, “All its staff”.

With a proven track record of successful and impactful design and delivery, with strategic interventions in complex and dynamic organizations, she brings excellence and depth / breadth as an HR Generalist.

She has solid foundations thanks to her experience as a Human Resources executive and Business Partner, bilingual and multicultural with a background of more than 28 years of experience in important national and multinational companies in different industries such as: Audio & Video, pharmaceuticals, information technology , construction, services and consumption, for Mexico and LATAM

Mónica Méndez is a successful leader committed to our company, charting a course of action with the strategic direction of internal talent, reaching goals and transforming our vision into reality. Encore, events that transform!