Audio Systems 

With attention to detail in each space, we design centralized or zone audio distribution systems considering the gain adjustment, manual or automatic by time. They can be for common areas inside a hotel or corporation. Likewise, they can be use in areas within specific needs such as venues, restaurants, roof gardens, lobbies, bars and gyms.

Video Systems

For any type of content view such as videos, movies, PC content, animated images and more. We place video distribution systems in different spaces with specific characteristics showing the highest image resolution. They can be generated from a centralized or local source; with the appropriate input for each source.

Lighting Control

In the search for energy efficiency in operation and savings, dimmers are installed through interfaces such as keypads, touch screens and electronic tablets for the control of lamps and controlled electrical outlets. By setting specific functioning methods for each application we will achieve the automation by time sensors and areas.


When you have different systems such as audio, video, lighting, temperature control, etc. It can be complicated snd unconfortable to control each system with a remote control independently. Our automation systems allow you to control different systems through a centralized interface allowing variables such as timer, sensors and voice; we will adjust the functioning so it’s practical and simple for the user.


These systems are destinated to simplify the communication and the collaboration between individuals and the company through real time audio and video broadcasting, this can be from either a boardroom or a huddle room.

Network Data 

Communication between audiovisual and control teams is been increasly done by IP, for this reason it’s necessary to have a strong data network capable of broadcasting audio, video and control signals. It can be applied to a temporary project or a company data network, the full equipment is design and enforced from the nodes in wall or floor up to the switchers and routers in site.

Room Reservation System

With the current dynamics of collaboration in companies, the need to have spaces of different sizes has increased; They are used for meetings, conferences, calls, presentations, etc. Knowing the availability and hours of use will simplify the use of these. The reservation systems are compatible with scheduling tools such as Outlook. This allows a signaling outside each space allowing the user to easily find the availability of a free room that has the resources they need (screen, audioconference and more), avoiding interruptions when a room is in use.

Stage Lighting

In the events and venues industry, lighting plays a fundamental role to highlight people, paintings, costumes, scenery, etc. Encore’s engineering team selects the right component for each application. For example, highlighting the detail of facade by using robotic, wash or beam lights, direct lights for a disco, following an actor on stage, etc. using consoles suitable for a theater or auditorium.

Digital Signage

Technology as a means of communication and signage in public places has many advantages when used correctly. This allows us to display the day’s agenda in lounges or convention centers, business guides and interactive maps in a shopping center, corporate announcements in a company or promotions and menus in a restaurant. Encore designs the most suitable solution for what you want to communicate.

Large Format Screens

Implementation of large format display equipment with excellent image quality. Videowalls, indoor or outdoor LED screens, multitouch monitors, panoramic screens and more.