It isn’t a secret that, in the wedding’s world, seasons are important. Whether you choose a
Christmas dreamed reception, a full – of – flowers spring wedding, or a beach celebration; the
chosen date is the point around which everything will be planned. But have you wondered which
are the advantages of a fall wedding?

Perfect weather
One of the main reasons fall weddings are a success is the amazing temperatures. You
won’t have to deal with suffocating hot weather, and neither will have to cover your
beautiful dress under a coat to protect yourself from the cold. Besides, this balance
allows a wider range of dresses and hairstyles options.

Perfect illumination
Fall is the golden season due to certain aspects we have to thank nature for. If you
choose to have your wedding or even only a photoshoot outdoors, natural light will
turn your memories into golden moments to cherish from your special day.

Unique dress
Autumn style is very distinctive because of it combines elegant and natural elements.
It’s the perfect season to benefit from everything around you without worrying about
the weather ruining your hairstyle and look; and of course, the dress will be the
absolute protagonist. You can add details to the hair or a beautiful cape to enhance the
elegance of your attire.

Original decoration
To get the most our ot advantages such as weather and illumination, you can decorate
you venue according to the season. Warm colored details, some leaves and string
lights will turn your reception into a cozy and elegant place.

Seasonal menu
The food that’s traditionally prepared in fall will oiffer you the opportunity to create a
delicious and unforgettable menu for your family and friends. In addition of being
nutritious, the great majority of them can be served in different presentations.
Pumpkins, nuts, and similar ingredients will not fail to attract everyone’s attention and

The best part of choosing to have a fall wedding is that you don’t have to get rid of any
technological elements, so you can turn your reception into an amazing party. Volumetric
letters, DJ booths and dance floors
of different materials will match perfectly the elegant and
natural ambience you have chosen for your big day.


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