1. What do you consider to be the current trends in the market? 

Beyond thinking about trends, I believe that the most important thing as event producers is to listen to our clients and “ask the right questions” to find out what they want to convey during their meetings. 

2. What is your take on achieving success in producing extraordinary events?  

The success of meetings and events is to help our clients deliver their ideas through an experience by telling a story (“story telling”). 

It is super important to understand that attendees have way less attention span, the information is at their immediate reach, and they have market knowledge, so we must include high-impact visual and sound elements to generate a multisensory impact. 

3. In addition to asking the right questions, and telling a great story, what would be a third key factor to take into account when producing transformative events? 

Impacting our clients is increasingly difficult. So you have to integrate emotions, and engage with participants so that they want to be there and feel identified with the message that you want to communicate. 

Using technology as that means to share is what we have to do as producers; We are not only the company that sets up a screen and a speaker, we are specialists who accompany the client on their journey, and help them deliver their message. 

Today the participant no longer wants to just read or listen, he wants to go further, therefore “content creation” is a very important factor. The content must seek to change the world; It may sound very romantic, but it is a reality.  

With what words do we close this talk? 

Events change paradigms and transform and connect people. We are the ones that provide the technology to make this possible. Through our people, expertise, and the content we create, we help amplify the message of those who want to change the world. 


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