Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting experiences of your life. And being an event full of special moments, we could say it’s quite an emotional ride. You can’t anticipate what you are going to feel throughout the ceremony or the dinner. However, there is a way to connect with the emotions of your attendees and making them all feel in the same mood: lighting.

Lighting can turn your wedding into a unique experience. It’s the first thing people will see when they arrive at the venue, which states its importance. As the event continues, lighting will impact the emotions and perceptions of every single person in the room.

Orange is a very energizing color. It implies fun, freedom and comfort. On the other hand, it also induces hunger, which is a detail you might want to keep in mind.

Yellow represents happiness. It is perfect to set up an optimistic mood and lighten up the ambience.

Purple, however, is the color of elegance. It is usually related to luxury and wisdom, as well as spirituality and introspection, because it lowers the heart rate.

Related to it, blue is meant to be very soothing. Implies serenity and relaxation. It is also a great color to enhance the feeling of coldness in a winter themed Wedding.

On the opposite, green is the color of nature being alive. Usually chosen for health and growth meanings, this color reduces stress. It is also calming but in a different, warmer way.

Finally, red enhances attention. However, it also potentiates our strongest emotions, whether they’re very positive or ambiguous.

Of course, music has a certain influence on the guest’s mood too. If they are combined properly, setting the mood for your event will be a very easy task.

To keep track of these details during the event is a very important assignment. To ensure your lighting will be well taken care of, you will need a professional. Contact us to review every option to bring magic to your wedding through lighting.


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