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Hybrid+ events from Encore set the standard in delivering excellence and value through a comprehensive set of end-to-end solutions that seamlessly connect in-person and virtual audiences. Our solutions combine the best platforms, production and on-site technology with event strategy, creative and design capabilities to deliver enhanced experiences and increased engagement. Through a deep understanding of your audience, Encore helps you deliver value for your hybrid events in unique ways.

Explore all the ways that Hybrid+ delivers value with our suite of end-to-end hybrid event solutions.

Certified to Elevate Hybrid

Hybrid+ Sales Certification means that Encore can help you find the best solution for your event.

Our Hybrid+ Sales Certification program was created to share our collective experiences and knowledge of hybrid event strategy, and test that knowledge to offer meeting planners and venue partners an industry-leading event experience. With this level of continuous training, the team of experts from Encore are best-equipped to manage the evolution of meeting formats that blend both in-person and virtual components.

A hybrid+ certification tells you the planning and execution of your hybrid event will deliver consistent results from a single provider.

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Hybrid+ Components

Strategy, Creative + Design

Our expert strategists and experienced designers create hybrid events that deliver engagement, value and insightful analytics to help improve your ROI.
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Platform + Digital Products

We have a dedicated team of digital experts to ensure our customers choose the right platform for the experience they want to create; either our Chime Live platform (built for Hybrid) or one of the many others we work with.
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Event Production + Execution

Our production team has deep expertise in set design, production studios, virtual broadcasts, streaming, production, direction and overall hybrid event production management.
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On-Site + Technology

Innovative solutions that bridge in-person and virtual participants to maximize engagement, productivity and increase attendance and audience reach.
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What Our Customers Say:

"...Encore was the ideal partner as we entered into an unknown situation. They helped us shift from what historically had been an in-person event to a successful hybrid outcome with as little stress as possible, during the planning phase. This was particularly true as it pertained to keeping all attendees engaged, and Encore’s Chime Live platform was definitely the right solution for that.” Judy Riley, Education Director, Heart of America Eye Care Congress.

“I knew this was going to be good. But I didn’t realize it was going to be this good!” - Chris Bryson, CEO Consulate Health Care

“… “What an energizing first day”, “Leaving this conference... SPIRITED!”, “Absolutely enjoying this presentation.” - Attendee Comments.

“I am getting so many happy notes from the team about the quality of the production and amazing vibe. Thank you so much for all the hard work on this!! Seriously amazing.”
"...I am still not sure how everything came together so quickly, to create such a seamless and well-orchestrated conference. You really led us through the process of learning not just a new system – but really creating a virtual event for the first time... "