Wedding planning gets underway once more little by little; hybrid events have gained ground where the future is within reach of our hands. In the Romance industry, this change takes an interesting direction: hybrid or distance weddings.

José Dzul tells us about this interesting trend.

With Love Streaming you will be able to offer the possibility to broadcast your wedding on YouTube, Facebook or other networks; the guests will have the opportunity to join through devices such as cell phones, tablets, or computers. One of the most praised features of Love Streaming is the possibility to switch shots live, so rest assured that the best angles will be seen. In addition to this, the entire experience is recorded and it is subsequently delivered to the couple, thus creating a memory that they can relive as many times as they wish.

Undoubtedly, audiovisual technology is key to holding an event of this style. Not only you need items such as cameras, audio systems, and light fixtures. We call for the use of network and interface technology to ensure quality transmission. Likewise, some details that must be taken into account from the planning process of your event:

  • Plan ahead. 
  • Verify that testing is done before the event  
  • Look after sound and video quality  
  • Promote the event 
  • Offer opportunities for interaction 
  • Have good light fixtures, location and, bandwidth. 
  • Do it with a professional

Of course, this proposal comes with many challenges: the weather, the internet, uncontrollable factors, events, etc. But without any doubt, the biggest challenge in each event is to exceed customer expectations, since they are unique.

That is why we hiring a professional is so important: for everything to be perfect, it must must be left in the hands of someone who looks after even the smallest detail.

Love Streaming provides security and adjusts to the plans of each couple through different packages from which they can choose to receive their reception. In this way, the only thing they will have to worry about is enjoying every moment.    

Due to all the benefits it offers, even though face-to-face meetings and travel represents less risk, this tool will be a great ally if you want to make a destination wedding. In addition, the  experience itself comes to open the way to similar options focused on other events.   

Love Streaming is here to stay! 


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