Virtual Events Made With Love 

Throughout all these months, there is something that never changed: love.  

Every event is unique, and this is why we create solutions for every need, our team will help you design and overcome your expectations, offering a unique experience that will combines creativity and technology through our professional services.  

Although worldwide we have had to adapt to new protocols, this doesn’t mean we have to put aside our plans. We add to your wedding: proximity and authenticity through a series of experiences that will make you special day unique, as you had in mind from the beginning. We have created Live Streaming options that will make your guests one click away through YouTube and Facebook real time streamings. Your online guests will be able to live that moment through their phone or computer, our technical and production experience had helped us solve the technical challenges and ensure a reliable experience. We offer you: 

  • Video recording of the moment, 1 or 2 HD Video Cameras. 
  • Professional Live Streaming (audio and video)  
  • Video available for download after the wedding. 
  • Up to 1 or 2 hours of service 
  • 1 USB Full HD with the event recording, this is at an additional cost.  
  • Custom website with password 

There’s no better way to show your love than taking care of your loved ones, we made a commitment to provide the technology you need to have the best wedding. We understand that our role in connecting people is now more important than ever.  


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