Jan 31 2023

When it comes to weddings, every detail counts and counts a lot. The decorations, the dishes, the music, even the guests! But, without a doubt, one of the most important decisions is to choose the ideal venue that captures the essence of the couple and that also meets their needs. For this, it is convenient to take into account aspects such as the location, date, and budget, without forgetting that the place you choose will define the atmosphere and style of your special day.

And this is getting more and more interesting… because it is not only about the style that the event will have or if it’s the perfect place for the wedding photographs, but also about being alert and paying attention to certain red flags that could affect the celebration and become a complete headache.

At Encore Weddings we know that logistical failures and small setbacks at the time of a wedding are the worst enemies of all those involved. The couple worry too much and do not enjoy the moment; guests notice when something’s wrong, wedding planners try to fix the chaos, while the production team can lose control too. Our priority is that on the day of the event, you can completely stop worrying, with the assurance that everything’s in order, that’s why in this blog we share some signs that will be useful for you to choose wisely the venue for your wedding.

Lack of communication
Remember: it can be a paradisiacal place, with an exceptional sea view and beautiful
vegetation, which could look exactly like what you are looking for…
Stop there! Before you make a decision, it is extremely important that you pay special
attention to the internal communication of the place. When requesting information, if
you notice that they take a long time, provide you with incomplete or contradictory
data, it is a serious warning sign, since poor communication can be an indicator of
bigger problems that would affect logistics.

Negative reviews online
Although it is important to live the experience firsthand to make a final decision, the
comments of other people who have hired a service should also be taken into account,
because how will you place all your trust in a place that has bad reviews and
unfavorable experiences? Do your personal research and listen to the honest
testimonials of couples who have already ventured to have their wedding in the venue
of your interest.

Your wedding planner/vendors have never worked there nor do they have

Another strategy that you can implement to make sure that everything goes well with
the venue of your choice, is to check with your wedding planner or vendors if they
have worked in that place or if they have references about the environment and its
staff. Wedding professionals usually have favorite venues to work in and in the case of
vendors, they know what the dynamics are like inside and out.
You can ask their honest opinion about the place to get a different perspective and
make a decision.

Now, since you have this information, it is time to choose the place where you will
live moments that will remain engraved in your heart forever.
Welcome to the best journey of your life!



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