From a Traditional Wedding to a Dream Destination Marriage

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Through years of experience and event technology, our team accompanied the couple, who trusted us to make their dream come true. Perla López and team accepted the enchanting challenge.

Perla López

Sales Manager
The Challenge 

Perla was the communication channel to convey the couple’s message to everyone involved. Being a destination wedding with a Hindu theme, the event had to adhere to different protocols following traditions. The Hindu wedding has some key essential rituals from pre-ceremony events to customs included at the wedding and reception held over 4 days.  

Unexpected inclement weather led to a change in the ceremonial flow and the location of one of the events. Hindu weddings are elaborate, bright and tradition-packed celebrations, and this one was definitely filled with delightful details. Each ceremony has a unique and symbolic meaning, so every element needed to be included despite the last-minute changes that took place. 

The Solution 

A determining factor is that Perla is certificated by S.A.W.I. (South Asian Weddings Institute), which allowed her to apply the corresponding protocols and establish a clear and focused line of communication to meet the high expectations of this dynamic ceremonial event. 

Due to the unexpected change in weather, a new strategy was reconsidered with the venue and the different suppliers to quickly shift and complete the production assembly on time, while keeping every detail in mind. The location was on the beach; and in the end, it was changed to a lounge. Our team had the availability and a coordination plan to move the last-minute assembly on time. 

The Result  

This event became a reality thanks to Perla’s expertise in Hindu weddings and Encore’s production team that masterfully collaborated across suppliers and used event technology to meet all details and expectations, resulting in a dream wedding. To tradition, the two families of the bride and groom were brought closer together, the couple was joined in marriage, and everyone had a great time. 

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