Our team of technicians, architects and engineers once again solving the needs of our important hotel client.  

We are convinced that all the physical spaces are a perfect spot to communicate. A good example  is the installation of a Video Wall made with 10 LED screens working 24/7 at Krystal Grand Reforma Uno Hotel, located in Mexico City.  

The Video Wall project came from the need of 2 factors: first, the remodeling and modernization of the hotel, and second, the desire to communicate interesting content for guests and clients.  

But, what is a Video Wall? Basically and in general terms, is the special setting of several screens or monitors that together will create the sensation of a big screen. It can be use to cover surfaces symmetrically or asymmetrically. And it is undoubtedly the perfect solution for a large scale digital signage. 

This project incorporated production, design and technology solutions. The outcome, a better experience for guests and clients; as well as a sales tool for the hotel.  

The Video Wall currently displays the services, amenities and facilities of the hotel chain, it even provides information about venues, news, food and beverages.  

The project was completed on time due to encore’s quality standards, to provide the best customer service. The installation process was organized step by step, detail by detail, loading the client’s information through a network which made the functioning and operation of the equipment easier, and this is how we managed to solved 100% of the client’s needs. The  Video Wall as said by Hector Rivera, the hotel’s Events Director “the Video Wall has become the heart of the hotel”.  

Providing integrated solutions, encore’s professional team once again became a fundamental part of every aspect on the project, the process and operation. Contact us for more information on how to maximize the space you count on with,  through our integrated solutions and audiovisual technology.  


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