Air Stars 

AirStar lamps can be the ideal complement for the lighting atmosphere, as it can be part of your Wedding Decoration, we can add a word, figure or initials, we will leave that to your choice.

The Air Star can be placed either for indoors, or outdoors.

Gobos / Monogram

Creating a special monogram for your wedding will be something unique and unforgettable, we can elaborate monograms to project your initials or letters with led lamps, and also made of vinyl to place on the wooden stage.

Volumetric Design

The Volumetric letters can be integrated as part of your decoration, we have LOVE Letters with led lighting and wooden initials that you can illuminate with the color you like the most, it will be the perfect combination for your Wedding.

Led Dance Floor

Dancing is essential at parties, it is a moment to enjoy and have fun, an illuminated floor can give that unforgettable touch to your Wedding and it will look amazing, you won’t stop dancing!

We have a wide variety of illuminated floors, for all the tastes and needs. Acrylic, DVI, Pixel, Infinity and Gold floors.

Check with your advisor who will gladly offer you the best opinion for your Event.

Vynil Dance Floor 

The floor is an element that cannot be missing, it is the place where you will have your first dance and where all eyes will be set.

We have Wooden, Vinyl and Vintage Dance Floors, with any of them you will achieve a cozy atmosphere and no one will stop dancing. 

String Lights

We have String Lights, Bistro Lights or Bulbs, however you wish to call them, that will make a big difference because the light creates a special effect on our senses, you will love them!

DJ Booth

The DJ Booth is an essential part of your Wedding decoration, we have different options: Acrylic, LEDs and Wooden Booths, any of them will highlight the great show of your Dj.