We adequate our professional audio systems for all your events.

  • Your Ceremony
  • The Welcome Cocktail
  • And your Magnificent Reception.

All our audio systems include speakers and wireless microphones.


We produce and project your video where you can be able to narrate your love story from the moment you met until the ring hand over.

We have projection screens and LED for indoor and outdoor.


The lighting is one of the main elements of the atmosphere.

We count with solutions of robotic, conventional and decorative lighting to create a warm, cold or colorful environment according to what you desire to transmit to your guests on your wedding day.


If you want to hang a huge flower ornament, curtains or magnificent chandeliers, with the Rigging we can do it for you.

Also, hanging the audiovisual equipment, your wedding will look with a spacious and harmonious atmosphere.


One of the most important parts of the Party is the music, a Disck Jockey can innovate, reproduce and please you at all times with the musical genre that you like the most, we have Professional Dj’s that will keep you enjoying and dancing to the rhythm of the music all night.


With the Cake Mapping, we can project your pictures, your best memories, phrases or animations in motion. It is a mixture of creativity and technology projected on your beautiful cake.

Silent Party

Offer your guests a unique experience on your wedding day with two or three DJ’s at the same time, where your guests can be able to listen and dance to the rhythm they want.

You can add this service to any of our wedding packages and enjoy the Silent Party as After.