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Oscar and team took the challenge to exceed the expectations of the client, who has given us their trust for several years. A four-day tour was to be held in four different cities, impacting 3,000 sales tour. Each year the challenge is greater to continue surprising them since they have given us the confidence to work with them and offer them a high-quality service. Oscar has formed a great team through excellent communication to continue offering a unique experience in each of the four venues where business meetings are held.

Oscar de Arcos

Producer Creative Services
The Challenge 

The complex event positioned Oscar and team in a constant time crunch, as each stop in the tour needed to run seamlessly, with each day dedicated to a new city. Managing this tight schedule required flawless logistics. After wrapping up in each location, the team swiftly transitioned to the next, testing equipment, holding rehearsals and ensuring all necessary preparations were in place for the following day.

Another challenge was that the scenic of each event had to be set up according to the measurements and spaces of each place, the scenic design had to be aligned and adjustments had to be made in each location to continue with the theme in each session, adapted to each venue.

Oscar managed several teams at each venue, overcoming all obstacles to ensure the success of the tour.

The Solution 

Oscar led multiple teams across locations, navigating every obstacle to ensure the tour’s success.

To deliver consistent theming, Oscar and team started with a scenic proposal. This guided each venue’s aesthetics. They also selected environmentally friendly materials, and recycling elements to be used in different events.

Oscar worked with different operational teams and helped to align the solutions required by each venue to adapt the timing, measurements for set-ups and scenic to be able to carry out the events according to the schedule stipulated by the customer.


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The Result  

The client has been very satisfied for six consecutive years where Oscar has led this great project resulting in extending a thank you and congratulations to the entire team and getting the contract renewed to enhance one more year in 2024 this great tour of work.

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