Nov 1 2022

Whether it’s Halloween or el Dia de los muertos, the October-November transition is one of the most awaited and loved celebrations across the globe. Children love to have an opportunity to dress as their favorite characters, hang out with their friend and get a lot of candy; while us adults get to experience some awesome and unforgettable chances of making our inner child happy too. That’s one of the many reasons a lot of adults love Halloween and Dia de los muertos season, and if they share this interest with their significant other, they for sure will want to make their guests a part of this wonderful time of the year by planning a themed wedding. But where can you bring such an event to real life? Do not miss some of our best choices on places to host a Halloween themed wedding around the world:

● Salem, Massachussets
Worldwide known as the town of the witches due to the famous witchcraft trials in 1692,
this is an amazing place to host a scary celebration. Besides, knowing the fascination this
day has amongst a lot of people, Salem itself has a wide variety of venues that can be
transformed into something terrifying, elegant, or both.

● Morelia, Mexico

Día de los muertos is one of the most important days in Mexico. Morelia has one of the
most traditional ways of celebrating it, and when the whole state is beautifully dressed in
flowers and filled with delicious food, it can be an amazing place to get married.

● Tepoztlan, Mexico

Another place full of color and wonderful smells from all the traditional food, Tepoztlan is a
small town in which receiving this visit is a way of celebrating life. Where could be better
to celebrate a new start together than here? Besides, the views are breathtaking from
almost every angle.

● Haunted venues

From glamorous hotels to western saloons, there is a wide variety of venues dedicated to
the spooky themed events that many people love to attend to no matter the time of the
year. You can experience a piano playing on its own, the sound of footsteps around you
and some distant screams you won’t be sure to have heard. The best part is that these
venues are easy to find all across the United States and some of them even in Mexico.
Of course, with some creativity and imagination, any venue can turn into a Halloween party.
Some string lights, a led dancefloor in Halloween colors and the right music coming from the
DJ booth can do wonders for any occasion. Make sure to learn more about our multiple
solutions for weddings on our web page or social media accounts.


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