A beach is a perfect point to connect all the best elements of a wedding. The warm weather and perfect sunsets, along with the endless food and decoration possibilities, are the perfect recipe for the most romantic event. Besides, it all allows the balance between elegance and comfort in the looks of the couple, the bridesmaids, and the attendants. Sounds like a dream? Keep reading and discover everything nobody tells you about a beach wedding.

Depending on the time of the year, wind or rain might surprise you halfway through your party. This is the first factor you need to consider because your whole organization will revolve around the chosen date for your big day.

Hair and make-up
Elegance and comfort together are possible. Especially in this kind of reception. Let the dress code be a little less formal because high heels and some other elements are not the best options to wear in the sand. For your own look, if you have long hair you are going to want to tie it up because climatic conditions and constant activity will make it very difficult to keep it in place. If it’s possible, go jogging or take a walk on the beach wearing the make–up you want to use, so you can verify it lasts or if you need something different.

Beach parties usually don’t lack energy, but electricity is a far more complex element. Beach weddings are usually planned to have a hotel in mind, and they already have lists of suppliers and packages made for different sizes of weddings and the season of your choice. Even so, at Encore we have electric generators with an excellent internet connection.

When the beach is your stage, romantic decoration possibilities are almost endless. A LED dance floor or a monogram in patent leather with a wood logo is perfect to define the center of your celebration, and once the magic of sunset let the night take its place, string lights will bring some light and create a romantic setting. And if you want something bigger, volumetric letters will make it possible without setting the romance aside.

Of course, while planning a wedding, some questions might start appearing, especially concerning production issues. Make sure to hire a professional with experience in this type of event to avoid any complications.


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