There are always certain things in life that you didn’t know you needed until you’re in the middle of something. Of course, this can be a challenging situation, especially if that something is quite big. And what event could be bigger and more important than your very own wedding? That is why we’ve gathered some tips to help every fiancé turn into an awesome bride and every wedding to turn into the most wonderful event. Get ready to learn about the things that can’t be missing in the biggest day of your life.

  • Color the scene
    Even if it’s not something you notice straight away, you definitely know when it’s missing. The ambience of a venue is recreated with different factors such as music, decorations and other details; but the most important one is lighting. Hence, the Ambient lights must be your number 1 priority. And if you want your venue to be outstanding, you can match those lights with a spectacular dance floor. There are many styles, and we’re sure one of them will suit your event perfectly.

  • Floating details
    If your wedding is outdoors or you want something different from the Ambient lights, you can try other variations. String lights are a flawless classic, which will certainly bring the romantic vibes to the venue. A similar option would be the air stars, which of course will help focus all the attention on the center of the dancefloor. You can also personalize these with your initials to make it look even more spectacular.

  • Get the real party started
    No matter what kind of celebration you have, music will always be necessary to set the tone of your party. Classic and romantic styles usually have live music as their first option; and for that you would need the best solutions in audio systems. But on the other hand, if you really wanna dance all night, hiring a DJ would be much better. As a plus, you could find a DJ booth that suits your decoration and could even match with the lights of the rest of the venue.

As a final tip, remember your wedding is a very special day for you and your fiancé. Do not think twice about hiring professional technology and making the choices that make you both happier and comfortable.

All couples have a unique story. Every place, every song they’ve found that fits their journey and every up and down they’ve been through, shapes their bond in a very special way. Thus, every wedding is special on its own way. Let your wedding be as specially yours as you want to. One of the best ways to allow that is to set the environment.

The meanings of many wedding elements have been there for many years. Certain colors represent a determined feelings or some of them are only used during certain times of the year. Nonetheless, the venue and the style help build the scenery of your event. But do you know which elements could help you bring your wedding deco to the next level?

  • Backdrop
    Whether it is a blackboard where the guests write or a frame decorated especially for this purpose, this will give a very special twist to your event, and if you want to make this area stand out even more, you can light it up with neon letters. Besides you know many of those pictures will end up on social media, which means you will have many wonderful memories of the night.

  • Dj booth
    Why would you only take a plain black booth when you can find one that matches the style of your wedding? From our famous Romance DJ booth and LED screen where it is possible to synchronize music with videos and pictures, to a wooden booth. Make the DJ a very important part of your event as the evening progresses.


  • Lighting
    Of course, you’re going to need a specific type of lighting when it comes to a perfect wedding decoration. It will depend on your venue and the style you chose but led lights and string lights are some of your best options.
  • Volumetric letters
    The big love letters trend has kept going for quite a long time. There is the option of them being made of vinyl or to turn them into a source of LED light, depending on your preferences. You can also choose to display the couple initials instead of the word LOVE. In both cases this will be an element to catch the attention of every attendee.

Of course, many other details can help you turn your deco into something outstanding. Make sure you can reach out to some expert on the topic or hire a professional wedding decorator to ensure the best results on what you wish for.

The revelation of the color of the year from Pantone Color Institute has become almost a tradition. They have been promoting this statement since 2000, based on observations of certain industries related to fashion and media. The romantic world of weddings, as you can imagine, is not the exception, but how can you incorporate next year’s color to your celebration?

Very Peri: the color of 2022

Through 20 years of stablishing the road for trends, Pantone Color Institute had never created a color specifically for this purpose.

PANTONE  17-3938 Very Peri is a mixture of blue and purple shades. According to the Pantone Color Institute site, this color mix intends to rekindle gratitude for some of the qualities that blue represents, complemented by a new perspective that resonates today.

“ Very Peri places the future ahead in a new light. We are living in transformative times. As we emerge from an intense period of isolation, our notions and standards are changing, and our physical and digital lives have merged in new ways. Digital design helps us to stretch the limits of reality, opening the door to a dynamic virtual world where we can explore and create new color possibilities.” – Pantone Color Institute.

A very peri wedding

We all know florals and tablecloths can transform a venue into something colorful with minimal effort. But if you want something outstanding, there are still many options to make a statement of your wedding. Monogram lights, for example, look beautiful on almost any surface. They give an elegant touch to wherever your reception is being held.

If you want something that causes more impact, probably a led dance floor is what you need. Light up every attendee with the special meaning of Very Peri while you celebrate all night long.

The perfect match to this kind of dance floor is ambient lighting. A soft hint of glowing purple will make the environment look like no other. This can be achieved through our lighting option.

The best part of this kind of themed wedding is that you can mix it with other kind of decorations and venues. Very Peri will get along perfectly with a classical, a minimalistic or a beach wedding. You only need to decide what you would love to see during your celebration.

If you are searching for some ideas, you could visit our social media or contact us. Together we will create your dreamed wedding through the very important meaning this color was created for.

Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting experiences of your life. And being an event full of special moments, we could say it’s quite an emotional ride. You can’t anticipate what you are going to feel throughout the ceremony or the dinner. However, there is a way to connect with the emotions of your attendees and making them all feel in the same mood: lighting.

Lighting can turn your wedding into a unique experience. It’s the first thing people will see when they arrive at the venue, which states its importance. As the event continues, lighting will impact the emotions and perceptions of every single person in the room.

Orange is a very energizing color. It implies fun, freedom and comfort. On the other hand, it also induces hunger, which is a detail you might want to keep in mind.

Yellow represents happiness. It is perfect to set up an optimistic mood and lighten up the ambience.

Purple, however, is the color of elegance. It is usually related to luxury and wisdom, as well as spirituality and introspection, because it lowers the heart rate.

Related to it, blue is meant to be very soothing. Implies serenity and relaxation. It is also a great color to enhance the feeling of coldness in a winter themed Wedding.

On the opposite, green is the color of nature being alive. Usually chosen for health and growth meanings, this color reduces stress. It is also calming but in a different, warmer way.

Finally, red enhances attention. However, it also potentiates our strongest emotions, whether they’re very positive or ambiguous.

Of course, music has a certain influence on the guest’s mood too. If they are combined properly, setting the mood for your event will be a very easy task.

To keep track of these details during the event is a very important assignment. To ensure your lighting will be well taken care of, you will need a professional. Contact us to review every option to bring magic to your wedding through lighting.

Wedding planning gets underway once more little by little; hybrid events have gained ground where the future is within reach of our hands. In the Romance industry, this change takes an interesting direction: hybrid or distance weddings.

José Dzul tells us about this interesting trend.

With Love Streaming you will be able to offer the possibility to broadcast your wedding on YouTube, Facebook or other networks; the guests will have the opportunity to join through devices such as cell phones, tablets, or computers. One of the most praised features of Love Streaming is the possibility to switch shots live, so rest assured that the best angles will be seen. In addition to this, the entire experience is recorded and it is subsequently delivered to the couple, thus creating a memory that they can relive as many times as they wish.

Undoubtedly, audiovisual technology is key to holding an event of this style. Not only you need items such as cameras, audio systems, and light fixtures. We call for the use of network and interface technology to ensure quality transmission. Likewise, some details that must be taken into account from the planning process of your event:

  • Plan ahead. 
  • Verify that testing is done before the event  
  • Look after sound and video quality  
  • Promote the event 
  • Offer opportunities for interaction 
  • Have good light fixtures, location and, bandwidth. 
  • Do it with a professional

Of course, this proposal comes with many challenges: the weather, the internet, uncontrollable factors, events, etc. But without any doubt, the biggest challenge in each event is to exceed customer expectations, since they are unique.

That is why we hiring a professional is so important: for everything to be perfect, it must must be left in the hands of someone who looks after even the smallest detail.

Love Streaming provides security and adjusts to the plans of each couple through different packages from which they can choose to receive their reception. In this way, the only thing they will have to worry about is enjoying every moment.    

Due to all the benefits it offers, even though face-to-face meetings and travel represents less risk, this tool will be a great ally if you want to make a destination wedding. In addition, the  experience itself comes to open the way to similar options focused on other events.   

Love Streaming is here to stay! 

In the middle of 2021, a year that we will never forget, while the pandemic happens, we held another IBTM Americas 2021 edition at Centro Citibanamex in collaboration and sponsorship of Encore and many other companies and associations, with great results more as 2,000 in-person attendees, 8,000 appointments with business opportunities, 350 exhibiting companies with an economic benefit of 70 million pesos and also great enthusiasm on the part of participants and collaborators to return to the importance of face-to-face events and above all to reactivate the industry.

It is essential to highlight that in these times, this event was possible thanks to the health protocols that we followed during the two days from start to finish; Similarly, in the production of the scenarios, Encore applied the MeetSafe procedures: a design format to reduce risk by increasing trust and promoting sanitation in meeting spaces.

RX Reed Exhibitions (that carries out the event together with Centro Citibanamex) ensure the application of national health and hygiene protocols and measures, as well as international measures -including WHO- so that the participants were an event that achieved its objective of generating business but in a safe environment for the participants.

At IBTM, each edition highlights academic and business activity. Conferences and forums relevant to the industry were held, where Encore participated with the presentation “Content is King” given by Rodrigo Losada Director of Specialty Services, and Javier Sánchez Director of Creative with valuable material to implement in the events:

  • The importance of the content to convey the message.
  • The relevance of the background and the form.

The current trends of virtual / hybrid / live events.

This year for the participants, companies, and sponsors, there were challenges that every day we improve to make quality events with great results, where security protocols are applied in each process, to achieve an experience that generates value in the current circumstances.

Encore is committed to promoting physical distance experiences and best practices to strengthen the industry by reactivating events stronger than ever.

Karina Lara

Business Development & PR

In recent years, South Asian weddings celebrated in our country have increased, placing Mexico as one of the principal destinations to carry out these majestic weddings. Something that characterizes them is undoubtedly their splendid colors, culture, music, and audiovisual atmosphere elements that make a wedding stand out and differentiate itself from others.

 To understand the context and the role of AV in these weddings. Brenda Fernández, Founder of the South Asian Wedding Institute (an international organization specialized in certifying industry professionals) shares with us a bit of this culture and its traditions that date back more than forty centuries ago.

What are South Asian Weddings?

They are weddings of the Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, and Persian Religions, among others. These weddings are full of religious symbolism and specific protocols that depend to a great extent on the religion practiced by the couple and their family.

It is very important to mention that there are many types of weddings in South Asia. However, the most common weddings in Mexico and the weddings we have seen in the South Asian Wedding Institute certification are mainly Gujarati, Punjabi, Sikh, Persian, and Muslim weddings, says Brenda.

This type of wedding is characterized by lasting several days and holding various pre-wedding celebrations. One of them, is the Pithi where they use a yellow paste made with turmeric (among other ingredients), which is smeared on the face of the bride and groom to purify the skin and prepare it for the big day.Another event is the Mehndi Party, where the bride and her guests paint their hands with Henna, with designs related to love, happiness, and fertility.

The Sangeet is an event about music, with very colorful entertainment that serves as an icebreaker for families. Something relevant to highlight is the importance of the film industry in India: “Bollywood” so it is not surprising that such extraordinary and colorful productions come from this influence, placing music, entertainment, and lighting at the top of their standards and requirements.

“For Hindus, life is into different stages and, one of them and the most important is marriage, it is not only about the union of the bride and groom, but of two families.”

An example of these specific requirements is the Sikh Wedding where the “Granthi” who is the priest, is in front of a sacred book and must have his hands free to manipulate it. In this celebration, Encore Weddings usually provides special microphones for the musicians, who will accompany with ‘songs’ during the ceremony.


Barat, which is the groom’s procession place of the ceremony, it is customary to use traditional Indian drums. However, a trend that we highly recommend is portable speakers, they make a huge difference in the accompaniment of the procession since they give more strength to the music, which will infect the guests to dance, and you can even mix another type of sounds which will make the moment more pleasant and joyful.

Now, we go to the moment of the reception, where you cannot miss an incredible wooden or LED dance floor and of course, a DJ who knows the tastes of the bride and groom, the music and even the soundtracks of Bollywood movies, as well as the traditional songs. Music is just as important as food; they do not marry anywhere if they do not have the guarantee and confidence that their provider understands and knows their requirements.

Every year in Encore | Weddings  we prepare and certify our team of professionals to meet the needs in audio, video, and lighting under the protocols that a South Asian wedding demands, so you will have the guarantee of having a specialized provider with the most advanced! technology to make that great day the best!

Collaborative Post: Brenda Fernández Founder of South Asian Weddings Institute and Miroslava Arriaga Product and Strategy Manager for Encore Weddings.

Black History Month is celebrated around the world, at different points in the year, by a number of countries. As we look forward to Black History Month celebrations, let’s begin with two countries who have their observances throughout the month of February – the United States and Canada.

February 1 marks the beginning of Black History Month in the United States and Canada. Many of us fail to ask ourselves, “When did this start?” In the U.S., many people believe it was in 1976 when then United States President Gerald Ford officially recognized February as Black History Month. In Canada, a similar thought process exists but surrounding two different dates. In December 1995, the House of Commons officially recognized February as Black History Month. The motion to do so was introduced by the Honourable Jean Augustine, the first Black Canadian elected to Parliament. In March 2008, the Senate completed Canada’s parliamentary position to February being celebrated as Black History Month by unanimous approval of a motion introduced by Senator Donald Oliver, the first Black man appointed to the Canadian Senate. However, the origin of Black History Month is quite earlier than the official celebratory dates of Canada and the United States.

In 1926, a week to honor African American history, which has evolved into Black History Month, was created by Dr. Carter G. Woodson. Dr. Woodson, known as the ‘Father of Black History’, was the second African American (after W.E.B Du Bois) to receive a doctorate from Harvard. Dr. Woodson, a noted historian, author, and journalist was devoted to the preservation and celebration of African American history. Today, the evolution of Dr. Woodson’s foresight allows for the recognition of contributions from not only African Americans, but Black people throughout the history of the world.

As Black History Month begins, I challenge you to learn a new historical fact each week during February, concerning contributions by Blacks and African Americans. To get things started, search Garrett Augustus Morgan, Sr. You might not know it, but he probably makes your life a little easier every day!



In November of 2020, we surveyed 2,000 of our customers and asked various questions about hybrid events. When we asked them to give a general forecast of their 2021 events, our survey respondents shared that they plan to allocate nearly 80% of their total spend on virtual and hybrid solutions. To maximize your total spend, create a plan that prioritizes the experience of each participant type. In the design phase, you can measure each experience against your event objectives and make adjustments as you go. To help, here’s a framework for designing a hybrid event based on traditional planning strategies and methods, with updated considerations for hybrid.


Why Hybrid?

Hybrid events allow people to choose their experience based on how they want to take in information and engage with one another. As a result, planning is more experience-driven and customer-led than ever before. This consumer-led strategy will set the future for events, innovating how we deliver and how we engage in these experiences.

The transitions within the events industry have designated hybrid events not just as of-the-moment alternatives to in-person events but instead as key pieces within an integrated portfolio of event offerings. While the shift to a virtual and hybrid focus feels abrupt, the planning of these experiences is still deeply rooted within the familiar elements of event design.

Hybrid events offer highly-scalable experiences with dynamic design possibilities, removing the barriers to allow for community growth and connection. With options for live, recorded, and on-demand content, global attendees, can join experiences that may have previously been limited. This geographic flexibility minimizes financial, time zone, and physical location blockers. The increased reach and personalization of these events lead to improved ROI and MTV (Money and Time Value.) The success of hybrid experiences directly correlates to the strategic framework behind designing an experience that speaks to all audiences, whether physically present or virtually engaged.


Strategic Framework of Hybrid Event Design

To create a strategy for your hybrid event, start by establishing experience goals based on each participant type and their unique journey. As with in-person events, it is critical to set benchmarks, objectives and define KPIs. Setting these KPIs and objectives positions you to create a content and engagement strategy that’s built to meet them.

Human-centered design principles provide the insights necessary to develop creative that inspires and engages, no matter where your audience is. The creative content is directly informed by these insights, equally personalizing experiences for virtual and in-person audiences. The personalization of engagement methods drives the collaboration between virtual, in-person, or dual attendees. How will the experiences intersect, and how can participants engage with one another? Selecting a platform that supports these levels of customization has proven to be a key driver in customer decision making. While Encore utilizes the Chime Live platform, we remain solution agnostic. Our ultimate goal is to provide creative, production, and technology solutions best suited to each event.


Platforms and Content for Hybrid

Event platforms should scale for audience size, the number of hosted events, and the live component’s eventual expansion into other forms of content and delivery. With the time and resources you spend to create your live event, your technology and produced content should serve current and future experience needs.

Creating content with intention allows it to serve its present purpose and audience while also having the longevity to be relevant beyond the principal event. Core content should be concise, engaging, and accessible, with a tiered strategy that clearly distinguishes and connects to all attendees. Delivering a quality hybrid event involves all the care and planning of live events, with some specific nuances to ensure a seamless and high impact experience for all. Rehearsal time should be utilized to acknowledge the particulars of live and virtual audience interactions, while branded content and custom graphics can help to achieve a professional and polished look. This high level of personalization will make for a transformative and impactful event experience for audiences near and far.


Everything and Nothing has Changed

With live, virtual, and hybrid events, the central tenets of event design still stand. It will always be critical to know the audience, set benchmarks, and determine which experience will best resonate with those objectives. While there are two experiences with hybrid, the core elements remain the same. Leverage the commonality but be mindful of the unique audience perspectives. Whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid, the event design’s strategic framework keeps attendee engagement front and center, actualizing the intended objectives through inspired creative and intentional content. Hybrid experiences are not a 1:1 comparison to in-person, but the design process and considerations are analogous.

Event framework, creative, engagement methods, content, and delivery quality remain the key elements when designing a successful hybrid experience that connects and captivates all audiences.



Have a question about designing
a hybrid experience for every participant?

As part of the transition to hybrid events, Encore Mexico developed a two-day event on July 29th and 30th in 2020, with conferences and panels with speakers from the US, Canada, Uruguay and different cities in Mexico, a Virtual Expo , contests in Social Media and the inclusion of a Social Responsibility Foundation, the event was led by Fernando Masini, Vice President of Operations in Mexico.

The event took place at some of our main locations: Hilton Mexico City Reforma, Sofitel Mexico City Reforma (from the Accor chain) and Secrets The Vine Cancun (from the AM Resorts chain)

The opening presentation “Where are we and what’s next?” was remotely presented by Teresa Matamoros from Guanajuato, being recognized by the Latinamerica Meeting Group as one of the “15th most influential leaders in the meetings industry in Latin America,” followed by a remote connection  to Sofitel Mexico City Reforma with Sylvain Chauvet General Director, Mauricio Fernández Director of Sales & Marketing and Liliana Cabrera, Founding Partner of Corporativo 4F. 

The first day’s panel “Perspectives in the Meetings Industry” was a successful talk with some of the most important Influencers in the Industry, where they exchanged ideas about the new normality, change of mindset, challenges in the industry and actions from a positive and optimistic approach.

One of the great achivements the event had, was to make contributions to support children with cancer through our partner Expo Guadalajara in its  responsibility program  ” Fundación Expo Guadalajara”,  the company that  contributed with the most amount of money received a grant  to obtain a socially responsible company certification.

The second day the event was remotely linked with Secrets The Vine Hotel in Cancun showing the beautiful turquoise of the Mexican Caribbean and presenting the Panel with MPI Members: “Mexico Triumphing in the Major Leagues of the Meetings Tourism Industry”, a conversation between industry professionals.

An introduction to the World of Wine Tasting: “The best kept secret of  the secrets  of the vine” was the closing event in  Cancun presented by Wine specialist Ariel Morales. And upon returning to the main stage of Mexico City at Hilton Hotel Reforma, the winners of the social media photography contest were presented, ending with an artistic interpretation of BaraJolka to Sand Show.

The music was present in the event, and  the talented band Los  Pibils was part of the entertainment the first day,  playing live some songs.

In the event, the media were involved too as media partners, being the  link between the audience and the event for promoting all the conferences, activities and expo. We know that collaboration and partnership is the key of success.

The event reached more than 2,500  registered participants.

 We had more than 1,500  visits to the virtual expo and 663 reactions on social media.

The Mexico team is sure that this has been the beginning of a new era where merging face-to-face to virtual events is the trend in our industry.

Together we connect and inspire people !