Jan 31 2023

When it comes to weddings, every detail counts and counts a lot. The decorations, the dishes, the music, even the guests! But, without a doubt, one of the most important decisions is to choose the ideal venue that captures the essence of the couple and that also meets their needs. For this, it is convenient …

LGBTQ+ Wedding Key Facts

Dec 1 2022
Love is love Equal weddings are an experience that cannot be explained in words. The energy you feel isbeautiful and very special. As professionals in events, we must be trained in the subject tocreate an adequate and significant production for the community. Therefore, in this blog,we’ll talk about the key points to consider for an ...

5 pros of celebrating your wedding in fall

Sep 30 2022
It isn’t a secret that, in the wedding’s world, seasons are important. Whether you choose aChristmas dreamed reception, a full – of – flowers spring wedding, or a beach celebration; thechosen date is the point around which everything will be planned. But have you wondered whichare the advantages of a fall wedding? ● Perfect weatherOne ...

What nobody tells you about beach weddings

Aug 31 2022
A beach is a perfect point to connect all the best elements of a wedding. The warm weather and perfect sunsets, along with the endless food and decoration possibilities, are the perfect recipe for the most romantic event. Besides, it all allows the balance between elegance and comfort in the looks of the couple, the ...