Nov 29 2021

Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting experiences of your life. And being an event full of special moments, we could say it’s quite an emotional ride. You can’t anticipate what you are going to feel throughout the ceremony or the dinner. However, there is a way to connect with the emotions of …


Oct 21 2021
Wedding planning gets underway once more little by little; hybrid events have gained ground where the future is within reach of our hands. In the Romance industry, this change takes an interesting direction: hybrid or distance weddings. José Dzul tells us about this interesting trend. With Love Streaming you will be able to offer the ...

Audiovisual technology is the best ally for South Asian weddings

Sep 11 2021
In recent years, South Asian weddings celebrated in our country have increased, placing Mexico as one of the principal destinations to carry out these majestic weddings. Something that characterizes them is undoubtedly their splendid colors, culture, music, and audiovisual atmosphere elements that make a wedding stand out and differentiate itself from others.  To understand the ...

Go Hybrid – Mexico Division

Sep 28 2020
As part of the transition to hybrid events, Encore Mexico developed a two-day event on July 29th and 30th in 2020, with conferences and panels with speakers from the US, Canada, Uruguay and different cities in Mexico, a Virtual Expo , contests in Social Media and the inclusion of a Social Responsibility Foundation, the event ...