How to incorporate the color of the year in my wedding?

JAN 12 2022

The revelation of the color of the year from Pantone Color Institute has become almost a tradition. They have been promoting this statement since 2000, based on observations of certain industries related to fashion and media. The romantic world of weddings, as you can imagine, is not the exception, but how can you incorporate next year’s color to your celebration?

Very Peri: the color of 2022

Through 20 years of stablishing the road for trends, Pantone Color Institute had never created a color specifically for this purpose.

PANTONE  17-3938 Very Peri is a mixture of blue and purple shades. According to the Pantone Color Institute site, this color mix intends to rekindle gratitude for some of the qualities that blue represents, complemented by a new perspective that resonates today.

“ Very Peri places the future ahead in a new light. We are living in transformative times. As we emerge from an intense period of isolation, our notions and standards are changing, and our physical and digital lives have merged in new ways. Digital design helps us to stretch the limits of reality, opening the door to a dynamic virtual world where we can explore and create new color possibilities.” – Pantone Color Institute.

A very peri wedding

We all know florals and tablecloths can transform a venue into something colorful with minimal effort. But if you want something outstanding, there are still many options to make a statement of your wedding. Monogram lights, for example, look beautiful on almost any surface. They give an elegant touch to wherever your reception is being held.

If you want something that causes more impact, probably a led dance floor is what you need. Light up every attendee with the special meaning of Very Peri while you celebrate all night long.

The perfect match to this kind of dance floor is ambient lighting. A soft hint of glowing purple will make the environment look like no other. This can be achieved through our lighting option.

The best part of this kind of themed wedding is that you can mix it with other kind of decorations and venues. Very Peri will get along perfectly with a classical, a minimalistic or a beach wedding. You only need to decide what you would love to see during your celebration.

If you are searching for some ideas, you could visit our social media or contact us. Together we will create your dreamed wedding through the very important meaning this color was created for.

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